Mossberg 500 Centennial Limited-Edition Shotgun

Mossberg 500 Centennial Limited-Edition Shotgun

Written by: Chris03

Investing in a gun is not a wrong decision, especially if you are ready to abide by the set gun use rules. Safe and secure storage of your firearm is a crucial obligation you should put into consideration always. Gun ownership is an issue that has been creating a lot of debates since time immemorial.

Substantially, owning a gun regardless of the model you prefer is incredibly rewarding. However, you have to take the initiative to learn how to shoot, be a responsible user, and spend time at the shooting range and learn a few new things in each session. The impact of gun control has influenced many people to invest in different firearm models.

Being a law-abiding citizen owning a firearm gives you the pride to become a gun enthusiast. Many people who have invested in guns have utilized this opportunity to stop crimes and keep their environments safe. With different gun models out there, it’s wise to embrace your right to gun ownership.

Whether you buy guns for self-defense, epic experiences in the shooting range, to use in competitions, or for hunting, choose the best model in the market. There are many gun manufacturers out there, but you should get your favorite model from a leading manufacturer and dealer.

If you are a firearm enthusiast, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. is the home of top-notch gun models in the market. The company has been a blessing to many gun enthusiasts since it was established 100 years ago. Mossberg is your premier manufacturer of efficient shotguns and scopes, rifles, pistol, and unmatched firearm accessories.

Get the Latest Mossberg & Sons, Shotgun Model

Over the years, Mossberg & Sons delivered high-quality guns great in their value as well as in providing the epic and ultimate shooting experience. It has always been a great opportunity for the company to satisfy the needs of its large clientele base. Mossberg & Sons has good news for you and many other gun enthusiasts out there.

The company is celebrating 100 years in the industry and in style. The company has released the latest shotgun model in its extensive collection. The Mossberg 500 Centennial limited edition that you will, without a doubt, dream of getting hold of and use.

The Mossberg 500 Centennial is a unique model that you will fall in love with at first glance. This is a commemorative gun model that will definitely meet your needs. It’s more satisfying that this model is a Talo Inc. distributor exclusive, and its feature upgrades will appeal to your heart.

Incredible Features of the Mossberg 500 Centennial

Here are incredible features that make this Mossberg 500 model stand out. Have a look:

1. Pump-action Shotgun

Also known as slide-action shotguns, this is a great model excellent for trapshooting and hunting. These guns are a great choice thanks to their speed, as you don’t have to remove the trigger hand when reloading. These guns also offer ideal flexibility when it comes to the selection of shotshells.

2. Chambered in 12 Gauge

The chamber of this Mossberg 500 model is large enough to accommodate the 12 gauge shotshell walls’ thickness. This model has a more comprehensive and dense spread for better shooting results. It’s a faster model in exit velocity and will increase your shooting confidence regardless of the range of your target object.

3. Special Logo

It comes with the 100th-anniversary logo and on the right side of the receiver. The left side features a flushing grouse to motivate you in your hunting endeavors.

4. Special Serial Number

Investing in your own gun is a dream come true. But it’s more fulfilling if you own the Mossberg 500 Centennial limited edition that comes with a unique serial number and includes a one-of-a-kind prefix.

5. Price

This Mossberg shotgun model is a special release and exclusive for a special production run. And it will set you back just $910, making this model a fitting tribute to its legacy.

6. Timeless Look

The Centennial model features a timeless look that is defined by its attractive jeweled bolt, gold-plated trigger, and eye-catching blue metal finish complementing the high-gloss wood. The shiny walnut stock and forend will leave you in wonder.

Other features include Mossberg’s compatible ACCU-CHOKE tubes, twin action bars for reliable and smooth use, steel-to-steel lockup, and dual extractors. These fantastic features make Mossberg 500 Centennial an ideal model for gun enthusiasts. Place an order today and help Mossberg & Sons Inc. commemorate 100 years in the game in style.

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