2020 Gun Shortage

2020 Gun Shortage

Written by: EdwardBack

In 2020, gun sales are off the charts. With demand so high, stores are running out of guns and especially ammunition. Will the shortage get worse?

When people are worried that the supply of something will run out, they want to buy it. This panic buying worsens the shortage. For the same reason that stores ran out of toilet paper, stores are now running out of ammo.

The combination of COVID-19, riots, and the election is causing the much higher than typical gun and ammo sales. People are afraid of civil unrest and want to buy guns today incase they become much harder to get tomorrow.

People worry that the November election will lead to violent riots. People also worry about more gun control after the election.

New gun owners are contributing to the gun shortage

There is enough instability in 2020 that people who didn’t want a gun before are now interested. About 40% of total gun sales in 2020 are to people buying their first gun this year. Millions of first-time buyers have purchased guns in 2020.

Why can the gun industry not produce more ammo than usual?

The gun industry does not have the power to immediately produce more ammo to keep up with the extra demand. The industry produces around 8 billion bullets each year in the U.S. It cannot immediately decide to produce a lot more.

Companies are already producing as much ammo as they can without significant changes. Making a lot more guns and ammo than usual would require more workers and more factories.

A firearms company could lose money if they built new factories and then saw the demand for guns and ammo return to a normal level after 2020. While the 2020 ammo shortage is the most serious, there have been a few other ammo shortages since 2008.

Ammo shortages disappear after demand goes down. This is how all of the recent shortages ended and is what companies expect to happen again. Companies don’t want to buy new machines because they doubt they could make their money back before demand goes down.

Coronavirus makes it harder to manufacture anything, including guns

Covid-19 has slowed the world economy down, so much so that there are shortages of all sorts of things. To make ammunition, you need gunpowder, brass, copper, and lead – none of these things are as easy to get as they were six months ago.

Fewer people are working, and the production of all sorts of things has slowed down. Not only is there more demand for ammo in 2020 than there was last year, but it is harder to supply it as well. The virus has also harmed the trucking industry, making it harder to get guns, ammo, and raw materials at last year’s prices.

Companies are making a profit from the 2020 gun shortage

Since firearms companies cannot produce as much ammo as they want, they can raise the prices instead. Many retailers are getting away with selling ammo for many times the usual price.

Even with higher prices and limits on the amount one person can buy, the stores are running out of ammo. Bullets can become hard to find online just as easily as they can become hard to find in stores, so there is no easy way out of the higher prices. In some places, you may be able to find guns and ammo at normal prices, but it usually costs more than a little more.

Will the higher prices and shortages last for a long time?

If demand remains high, it may take a long time for the shortages to end. Prices may still be much higher in 2021, perhaps even longer if demand is permanently higher.

Background checks are still way up, which implies more new firearm buyers until the end of 2020, at least. It may be a year or more before everyone can buy all the guns and ammo they want again.

Smaller ammo manufacturers are doing great because of the shortage

While large ammo companies are not going to build new factories to keep up with demand, smaller companies can increase production and sometimes buy new equipment. However, most ammo still comes from larger and not from smaller companies, so smaller manufacturers cannot solve the shortage.

Demand for guns may be higher than ever before

There may never have been a year in which American civilians were more interested in buying guns than in 2020. Between 1945 and 2008, there was never a gun or ammo shortage.

There have been a few shortages since 2008, but this is the biggest one. Gun sales in June 2020 were 245% of what they were in June 2019. There are not enough guns to keep up with the demand.

Guns are still available

Thankfully, the crisis is not so severe that you cannot buy guns and ammo. There are waitlists, higher prices, and in some cases, completely sold-out stores, but guns are still available. One could imagine a much worse shortage, even if this is the worst one anyone can remember.

Will things get worse before they get better?

It depends on whether or not the chaos of 2020 dies down. If coronavirus deaths decrease, rioting stops, and life goes back to what it was, then demand will go down. This is what manufacturers expect – things will go back to normal sooner rather than later.

However, if rioting continues, more and more people are going to want firearms. This will keep the demand high. Possibly, civil unrest and higher demand for guns could last for years.

In that case, the shortage will continue until ammo production increases. The manufacturers will eventually realize that demand will be higher for a long time and invest in a lot of new equipment. However, this won’t happen overnight, so the shortage could conceivably last well into 2021.

The shortage is not likely to get vastly worse. The worst of the coronavirus shutdown is over, so manufacturing should recover. There will continue to be guns and ammo to buy during the next year, just not at the prices we are used to.




By: Firearmsnews.net

If you are in the market for a great 9mm pistol for a low cost, you will find the Taurus line of 9mms hard to beat. I own several Taurus firearms not because they are cheap, but because they are great guns at a good price.

My Taurus G3 was purchased to use for gun range duty only and has been modified for my personal needs. Since it came with 15 round and 17 round magazines I already had a good start.

Here is a list of modifications I added.

  1. Stainless Steel Recoil Assembly Guide Rod
  2. Stainless Steel Striker Guide
  3. Mounting Plate for Optics
  4. Burris FastFire 3 Red Dot Optic
  5. 2 Mec-Gar 20 Round Magazines with sleeves
  6. Rail Mounted Tactical Light

I have several friends who own Taurus G3, G2C, and other 9mm Taurus firearms. We all have one thing in common, and that is the enjoyment of shooting accurate low-cost guns without the fear of wearing out an expensive firearm.

Men and Women are finding it necessary to learn firearm safety and proficiency due to current state of our country, and to get concealed carry licenses.

My wife, daughter and their friends are also learning the fun and excitement of spending a day at the gun range. My wife prefers a 9mm Taurus PT-111 Millennium G2 for her range gun.

My nightstand gun is a Taurus G2C with a Streamlight TLR-6 Flashlight and Red Laser.

I am not A Taurus Fanboy, as I enjoy using and collecting firearms of every brand. I do not mind putting a lot of rounds through my Taurus guns since they are reliable and low cost. I also find it cheaper to shoot 9mm as compared to other rounds, and my 9mms are all Taurus brand firearms.

In Conclusion: If you are new to pistols, a collector, an occasional shooter, or any firearms enthusiast you cannot go wrong with the Taurus G3 9mm as a gun that will serve your needs at a low cost.


Mossberg 500 Centennial Limited-Edition Shotgun

Mossberg 500 Centennial Limited-Edition Shotgun

Written by: Chris03

Investing in a gun is not a wrong decision, especially if you are ready to abide by the set gun use rules. Safe and secure storage of your firearm is a crucial obligation you should put into consideration always. Gun ownership is an issue that has been creating a lot of debates since time immemorial.

Substantially, owning a gun regardless of the model you prefer is incredibly rewarding. However, you have to take the initiative to learn how to shoot, be a responsible user, and spend time at the shooting range and learn a few new things in each session. The impact of gun control has influenced many people to invest in different firearm models.

Being a law-abiding citizen owning a firearm gives you the pride to become a gun enthusiast. Many people who have invested in guns have utilized this opportunity to stop crimes and keep their environments safe. With different gun models out there, it’s wise to embrace your right to gun ownership.

Whether you buy guns for self-defense, epic experiences in the shooting range, to use in competitions, or for hunting, choose the best model in the market. There are many gun manufacturers out there, but you should get your favorite model from a leading manufacturer and dealer.

If you are a firearm enthusiast, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. is the home of top-notch gun models in the market. The company has been a blessing to many gun enthusiasts since it was established 100 years ago. Mossberg is your premier manufacturer of efficient shotguns and scopes, rifles, pistol, and unmatched firearm accessories.

Get the Latest Mossberg & Sons, Shotgun Model

Over the years, Mossberg & Sons delivered high-quality guns great in their value as well as in providing the epic and ultimate shooting experience. It has always been a great opportunity for the company to satisfy the needs of its large clientele base. Mossberg & Sons has good news for you and many other gun enthusiasts out there.

The company is celebrating 100 years in the industry and in style. The company has released the latest shotgun model in its extensive collection. The Mossberg 500 Centennial limited edition that you will, without a doubt, dream of getting hold of and use.

The Mossberg 500 Centennial is a unique model that you will fall in love with at first glance. This is a commemorative gun model that will definitely meet your needs. It’s more satisfying that this model is a Talo Inc. distributor exclusive, and its feature upgrades will appeal to your heart.

Incredible Features of the Mossberg 500 Centennial

Here are incredible features that make this Mossberg 500 model stand out. Have a look:

1. Pump-action Shotgun

Also known as slide-action shotguns, this is a great model excellent for trapshooting and hunting. These guns are a great choice thanks to their speed, as you don’t have to remove the trigger hand when reloading. These guns also offer ideal flexibility when it comes to the selection of shotshells.

2. Chambered in 12 Gauge

The chamber of this Mossberg 500 model is large enough to accommodate the 12 gauge shotshell walls’ thickness. This model has a more comprehensive and dense spread for better shooting results. It’s a faster model in exit velocity and will increase your shooting confidence regardless of the range of your target object.

3. Special Logo

It comes with the 100th-anniversary logo and on the right side of the receiver. The left side features a flushing grouse to motivate you in your hunting endeavors.

4. Special Serial Number

Investing in your own gun is a dream come true. But it’s more fulfilling if you own the Mossberg 500 Centennial limited edition that comes with a unique serial number and includes a one-of-a-kind prefix.

5. Price

This Mossberg shotgun model is a special release and exclusive for a special production run. And it will set you back just $910, making this model a fitting tribute to its legacy.

6. Timeless Look

The Centennial model features a timeless look that is defined by its attractive jeweled bolt, gold-plated trigger, and eye-catching blue metal finish complementing the high-gloss wood. The shiny walnut stock and forend will leave you in wonder.

Other features include Mossberg’s compatible ACCU-CHOKE tubes, twin action bars for reliable and smooth use, steel-to-steel lockup, and dual extractors. These fantastic features make Mossberg 500 Centennial an ideal model for gun enthusiasts. Place an order today and help Mossberg & Sons Inc. commemorate 100 years in the game in style.


Great Low-Cost Guns for New Shooters

Great Low-Cost Guns for New Shooters

Written by: WJ Diggins

Due to the recent run on guns and ammunition, there has been a lot of confusion surrounding the best gun for new shooters. There are a lot of great guns available at varying cost, however some people do not have the option of spending $500 for a gun when they are on a tight budget.

One of my favorite low-cost gun manufacturers is Taurus. If you want a great gun that will not cost you a fortune for your first purchase, you may want to see some of the many options by Taurus. If you want a gun that is a great value and not cheaply made Taurus has many options and has a Lifetime Warranty on their firearms.

Taurus G2C
Taurus G2C


You may want to consider the Taurus G2C in 9mm at a cost of around $250. The G2C is a compact 10 or 12 round semi-auto pistol that comes with 2 magazines and has many great reviews.

Taurus 856
Taurus 856

I also think that the Taurus 856 revolver in 38spcl is a great gun for the new shooter. At a cost of around $380. The Taurus 856 is a 6 shot revolver that is capable of handling +P 38 special rounds. This is an extremely easy gun to learn how to use for new shooters.

Mossberg Maverick
Mossberg Maverick

If you are more inclined to purchase a shotgun for home defense, you may want to consider a Mossberg 500, or the less expensive Mossberg Maverick. These are 12-gauge shotguns and can be used for hunting, home defense, or sporting clays. Since there are so many different models of these shotguns, its best to do your research to see which best suits your price requirements and needs.

Some people may prefer a rifle for their first gun, and if that is the case for you, there are many to choose from and a lot to consider. I think an AR15 or AK47 is a good rifle choice, however many people do not like the reputation associated with them. There are many other choices like, lever action, bolt action, pump action, and other semi-auto rifles available. Since there are so many rifles to choose from, you may want to do your research to see what suits your budget and needs.