Great Low-Cost Guns for New Shooters

Great Low-Cost Guns for New Shooters

Written by: WJ Diggins

Due to the recent run on guns and ammunition, there has been a lot of confusion surrounding the best gun for new shooters. There are a lot of great guns available at varying cost, however some people do not have the option of spending $500 for a gun when they are on a tight budget.

One of my favorite low-cost gun manufacturers is Taurus. If you want a great gun that will not cost you a fortune for your first purchase, you may want to see some of the many options by Taurus. If you want a gun that is a great value and not cheaply made Taurus has many options and has a Lifetime Warranty on their firearms.

Taurus G2C
Taurus G2C


You may want to consider the Taurus G2C in 9mm at a cost of around $250. The G2C is a compact 10 or 12 round semi-auto pistol that comes with 2 magazines and has many great reviews.

Taurus 856
Taurus 856

I also think that the Taurus 856 revolver in 38spcl is a great gun for the new shooter. At a cost of around $380. The Taurus 856 is a 6 shot revolver that is capable of handling +P 38 special rounds. This is an extremely easy gun to learn how to use for new shooters.

Mossberg Maverick
Mossberg Maverick

If you are more inclined to purchase a shotgun for home defense, you may want to consider a Mossberg 500, or the less expensive Mossberg Maverick. These are 12-gauge shotguns and can be used for hunting, home defense, or sporting clays. Since there are so many different models of these shotguns, its best to do your research to see which best suits your price requirements and needs.

Some people may prefer a rifle for their first gun, and if that is the case for you, there are many to choose from and a lot to consider. I think an AR15 or AK47 is a good rifle choice, however many people do not like the reputation associated with them. There are many other choices like, lever action, bolt action, pump action, and other semi-auto rifles available. Since there are so many rifles to choose from, you may want to do your research to see what suits your budget and needs.


COVID-19 And New Gun Owners

Written By: W J Diggins

Due to the uncertainty and confusion of Americans today because of COVID-19, many people who have never purchased a firearm before are lining up at Gun Stores to purchase firearms and ammunition.

There are already First Responders who have tested positive for the virus, and many more that have yet to be tested, this could mean a delay in response time to calls for assistance. You will have to protect your family and homes from threats!

Before or after you buy your firearm, there are five rules that you must know.

  1. Treat Every Gun as Loaded
  2. Keep Your Gun Pointed in a Safe Direction
  3. Never Point Your Gun at Anything You Don’t Intend to Shoot
  4. Always Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger Until You’re Ready to Shoot
  5. Be Sure of Your Target and What’s Beyond It

In addition to these five rules, there is  more important advice that I must give you.

Get Firearm Training ASAP!

If you are unable to get training right away, watch YouTube Videos on Gun Safety!

Keep you guns in a safe place, and locked!

Keep guns away from children!

Join an organization that supports our 2ND Amendment Rights!

We must all do our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19 by making sure that we understand what we can do to avoid contamination and spreading the virus.

We must also make sure that we are prepared to protect our family and homes against threats, should the need arise!