COVID-19 And New Gun Owners

Written By: W J Diggins

Due to the uncertainty and confusion of Americans today because of COVID-19, many people who have never purchased a firearm before are lining up at Gun Stores to purchase firearms and ammunition.

There are already First Responders who have tested positive for the virus, and many more that have yet to be tested, this could mean a delay in response time to calls for assistance. You will have to protect your family and homes from threats!

Before or after you buy your firearm, there are five rules that you must know.

  1. Treat Every Gun as Loaded
  2. Keep Your Gun Pointed in a Safe Direction
  3. Never Point Your Gun at Anything You Don’t Intend to Shoot
  4. Always Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger Until You’re Ready to Shoot
  5. Be Sure of Your Target and What’s Beyond It

In addition to these five rules, there is  more important advice that I must give you.

Get Firearm Training ASAP!

If you are unable to get training right away, watch YouTube Videos on Gun Safety!

Keep you guns in a safe place, and locked!

Keep guns away from children!

Join an organization that supports our 2ND Amendment Rights!

We must all do our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19 by making sure that we understand what we can do to avoid contamination and spreading the virus.

We must also make sure that we are prepared to protect our family and homes against threats, should the need arise!